Update: El Chef de los Teleñecos / Muppets- Swedish Chef

English below (as you may already know :-)),


Rápido update: Os pongo un video de un personaje de los Teleñecos que me ha hecho redescubrir mi muy buen amigo Marco (el científico italiano que era mi vecino en Darmstadt y que, el día que gane el Nobel, deberá dedicármelo)...

Reflexión: pienso yo que el video este fumado o algo así debe ser B-R-U-T-A-L

------------------ English Version ------------------


Quick update: I post a video from one of the Muppets' Character that I have rediscovered thanks to my very good friend Marco (the italian scientist who was my neighbour in Darmstadt and the one that, the day he gets the Nobel Prize, he will dedicate it to me :-)).

Quick Reflexion: I think watching stoned this video must be C-R-A-Z-Y :-)

Paquito: Bork Bork Bork...


  1. Btw, according to a poll, the Swedish chef turned out to be the second most popular Swede in the US after Borg, the tennis player.

  2. At this moment, after reviewing again the video (doing the dance in my living room), the only thing I can say is "Bork Bork Bork" :-)))))))

    You have bring to this blog a "Weapon of Brain Destruction" Dude! :-)))))

    Thanks for the video... It's soooooo cool! :-)


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