Update: Desde Italia con color / From Italy with Colour

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Rápido Update: en los últimos días me he dedicado a visitar Blogs de todo el mundo, con el fin de ver cual es la tendencia que los bloggers siguen a la hora de presentar lo que quieren contarnos...

He descubierto bastantes blogs de artistas: gente que, con o sin una carrera profesional implementada, están posteando en la red sus creaciones...

Si el otro día os contaba lo del Blog de la artista Marie-Louise Broggi, hoy os presento un blog que nos llega desde Italia, desarrollado por Monica Pezzoli, llamado "Nel Maravilloso Mondo di Pez" que os recomiendo encarecidamente que visitéis por sus maravillosas ilustraciones...

Monica además ha tenido a bien (¡Gracias gracias gracias! :-)) dedicarme uno de sus post con una maravillosa ilustración (a la que podéis acceder haciendo click aquí)... Espero que os guste.

Visitad su blog y, si me lo permitís, ya sabéis que siempre os pido que dejéis un comment allá donde vayáis (que se agradecen un montón).

Un saludo y espero que os guste el Blog de Mónica :-)

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Quick Update: during the last days I have been visiting blogs all around the world, trying to find the trend bloggers are following when showing what they have to tell us...

I have discovered a lot of blogs coming from artists: people that, with or without a professional career around art, is posting on the net some of their creations...

As the other day I spoke to you about Marie-Louise Broggi's artistic blog (called Perceptions), today I want to introduce you a blog coming from Italy, created by Monica Pezzoli, called "Nel Maravilloso Mondo di Pez" which I strongly recommend you to visit because of the wonderful illustrations she posts...

Monica is so kind that she has decided to (Thanks thansk thanks! :-)) dedicate me one post with one of her wonderful illustrations(which you can access by clicking here)... I hope you like it.

Visit her blog and, if you allow me to, you know I always ask you to leave a comment wherever you got (comments are a bless here on Blogosphere).

Kind regards and I hope you like Monica's Blog :-)

Paquito: Random Net Surfing is awesome! :-)


  1. Hi Paquito!
    You're my manager? ;P
    i visit your blog but ..i'm sorry but i don't know english and spanish language very well...i know it.. it's orrible in the 2007! but i'm an italian woman..here it's "normal"..i'm ashamed..but it's so.
    i attend other your visit in my blog..XXX

  2. Hi :-)

    Well, at least he can see your designs and we don't need languages but they way we look at them :-)

    Io non parlo italiano, escusi (or something like that :-)) but anyway, it's the minimum I could do... I like your illustrations and I think they deserve to be shown :-)

    I'm visiting your blog, so no problem :-)

    Kind regards from Spain and thanks for your blog, your visits and your comments :-)



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